About Bloom Scotland

We are a group of women in comms and marketing across Scotland who want to see each other be the best version of themselves. To understand and reach their potential. We back ourselves and one another. We coach, challenge and champion each other.

Here at Bloom Scotland HQ, we listen to our members and build a program of activities that supports them. Whether that's an in person event, an online discussion group, a webinar... or something else entirely! You tell us what you need. So far, our members have told us that they want a group that is supportive, not salesy. Collaborative not competitive. A network, not networking. So that's what we are.



Our Mission

Our mission is to support women in comms and marketing in Scotland to discover their potential, whatever that means to them.

Our Vision

We want to drive results and job satisfaction across all comms disciplines in Scotland by supporting women to reach their true potential, whilst championing Scotland as a place where game-changing comms and marketing is happening.

We 💜 women supporting women!

The lovely Bloom Scotland Organising Committee


Sallie Bale

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President of Bloom Scotland and Account Director at The Lane Agency.

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Jasmine Geddes

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Head of Social Media at Bloom Scotland and Senior Account Executive at Hot Tin Roof PR.

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Laura Woodland

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Head of Events at Bloom Scotland and External Affairs Manager at Projekt 42.

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We're part of the brilliant Bloom UK. If you're outside of Scotland and looking to get involved, this is the place to go.

Bloom UK's manifesto

We still have a way to go before women have equal opportunity in our industry.

To be truly equal, we need to break down the barriers in our way.

One by one.

The cultural ones, the industry ones and the ones we reinforce within ourselves.


The real voices of women can bring the change we need.

Because we believe in truth as a force for change.

The naked truth.

Real stories, shared honestly, lift us up, giving us the strength to overcome.


We’re committed to empowering women with the strength, skills and opportunity to be whoever they want to be.

And to do it together.

Inviting everyone who shares this belief to stand by us


Because together #WeAreBloom.

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