Welcome to our little part of the world. Reroute is a series of interviews with women that we admire. As big fans of talking about our failures, we want to break the taboo. Remove the shame. Reclaim the word failure. It's a part of all of us, and frankly makes us the amazing humans we are today. What's not to celebrate?


Reroute is written by Emma MulcahyWorking within the marketing and PR industry, Emma believes in the ability of language to shape the world around us, and how we perceive ourselves within it. She is inspired by the writing of Elizabeth Day, Phoebe-Waller Bridge and Clarissa Pinkola Estes for how they are reframing the female archetype within society. She believes in harnessing our negative experiences and celebrating their ability to guide us, just as we would do with our successes.


In this current digital culture where young women are more inundated than ever before with images of success and achievement, self-esteem is at an all-time low. Comparison of your every day life with that of the perfectly filtered and finessed 'Gram-worthy shots often sends these young women into a shame spiral that's difficult to escape. But in celebrating where we have made failed, and have been forced to reroute ourselves from the path we had set out, there are lessons and insight to be gained. In celebrating our failures, we normalise them as part of the human experience and provide support and inspiration for other women coming up in the communications industry. 

And finally... shout out to Becca Blackburn for designing our fab logo. It's beaut!