Bloom Scotland Launch Event

Bloom Scotland's launch event was on a beautifully sunny evening in Edinburgh on June 27th 2019, and we were discussing the power of the network. Our keynote speaker, Melinda Matthews, CEO CodeClan, not only showed her support for Bloom by letting us use her super event space, but we were lucky enough to have her as our guest speaker as well. And boy did she deliver.

Through a number of hilarious anecdotes and whiteboard drawings, Melinda taught us to be brave, to know our story, and to be aware that people may come into our life for a reason, for a season or for a lifetime. She also reminded us that, "you can't die from embarrassment" - so just go for it!

We then broke out into smaller groups to discuss what we'd just heard, and see how it relates to our own experiences. We learnt so much from this session. We learnt that people are looking for a safe space to share their experiences. That the current "networking" operating model is broken: full of hard sells, hidden agendas and cliques. And that done right, a network can give a sense of purpose, belonging and motivation.

We have an opportunity to create a space where women feel heard. Where you can come along alone and feel amongst friends. To push the industry forward, together.

In our feedback survey, our event was rated 4.5 out of five, and 100% agreed that they have a sense of how they are going to put their new knowledge into practice. That's a huge success in our eyes! Our discussion groups got serval special mentions in the feedback, participants loved the opportunity to get to know a smaller group, on a deeper level. Real conversations, with real people.