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Bloom Scotland Bookclub

Welcome to the first edition of the Bloom Scotland Bookclub! 

This is a place where we scout for and compile, the best books for women by women that will empower, educate and entertain you. Some old, some new, some business focused and others just for fun! 

We’ll be sharing our top five picks in this series on a bi-monthly basis to give all you lovely ladies a chance to read them. 

Without further ado, here are our August picks: 

  1. Lean In 

Author: Sheryl Sandberg 

Diving straight in with the powerhouse of ‘Lean In’ from former COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg. This book has been on the block for a little while now, but if you haven’t picked it up yet, you are missing out. 

Described as a cultural phenomenon, it asks us to shift our mindsets from saying ‘I’m not ready to do that” to “I will learn by doing that” when climbing the corporate ladder. It discusses what we as women can do to help ourselves, and make the small changes in life that can spark change on a more universal scale. 

This is a great read for when you feel imposter syndrome creeping in or you are looking to get that promotion or pay rise but are not quite sure how to start the conversation. 

Things We Say in the Dark 

Author: Kirsty Logan 

Brilliant Scottish author, Kirsty Logan offers a range of creepy short stories that explore women’s fears in their most raw form in a fresh and honest way. Musing over everything from body dysmorphia to having children.

The book offers a contemporary collection of feminist stories, ranging from vicious fairy tales to disturbing horror and tender ghost stories. Narrated by a woman in isolation on a writing retreat who slowly goes a bit stir crazy (something we can all relate to after lockdown, am I right?) you won’t be able to get these twisted tales out of your head. 


Author: Michelle Obama 

It wouldn’t be right to kick-off the Bloom Scotland Bookclub without a mention of the queen herself - Michelle Obama. Her memoir, Becoming, not only speaks about her time in the White House but the range of different experiences throughout her life that shaped the woman she became and how she is passing that on to her own daughters. 

As an iconic and one of the most influential women on the earth, Michelle speaks with confidence and shares nuggets of wisdom within every chapter. After reading the way this was written with her wit and compassion poured into every page, we have to ask ourselves: is there anything Michelle Obama cannot do? 

Scotland: Her Story; The Nation’s History by the Women Who Lived It 

Author: Rosemary Goring 

At Bloom Scotland, we ❤️ women empowering women and Rosemary Goring does exactly that by giving the women throughout Scotland’s history a voice. 

From our royal families, to women miners, right through to modern day political leadership, this book offers a unique perspective on national events as well as ordinary life, as experienced by women down the centuries. 

It includes snippets of documents including diaries, newspapers and chap books to give a 360 degree look at what life was like for these women. It will break your heart in certain places but is definitely worth the read! 

How to Own the Room 

Author: Viv Groskop 

And finally, this punchy read will teach you all of the core communications skills you need to not only be heard but to own the whole room when you do. It delves into how anxiety can stop the words from leaving your mouth and how to tackle it head on. 

Using real life examples such as Michelle Obama, JK Rowling and Oprah Winfrey, the book takes an analytical approach for their style of speaking and how this can be applied to our own lives for maximum impact. 

As research recently showed that visibility in the workplace counts for 60% of your progression prospects, let’s work on speaking confidently and letting our voices be heard! 

Bonus: this book works great as an audiobook. Why not hear about how to use your voice from the horse's mouth? 

What have you been reading recently? Get in touch with your favourite fiction and career driving reads here. Also, let us know which independent bookshops you love to buy your top reads from so we can help #supportlocal.

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